Incremental vs. High Impact Innovations

Do you assess the market and business impact of your innovations?

Have they provided significant organic growth?

Have they contributed to both your top and bottom-line?

If your company’s performance gains from new product or service innovations are merely incremental you are likely approaching innovation from a problem-solving perspective:

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A Letter to Our Youngest Daughter - The Value of a Cup of Coffee

I started this note as a letter to our youngest daughter.

We had just finished an errand to fix her car. What a good feeling to check off one of our weekend to dos. A friend recently told her about a new coffee trailer nearby. We drove over to check it out. The parking lot with the trailer had a number of other “food carts” in it. They work like this. You park your car, walk up to order at one of the trailers and then your order will be delivered to your car. This order and delivery system combines Portland’s food cart chic with drive-in like service.

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One of the Defining Attributes of a Successful CFO: Finance

Finance uses the discipline and data from a strong Accounting team as the launching pad for planning and creating their company’s future. A seamless handoff between the Accounting and Finance departments is critical in creating and executing an effective strategy. The Finance function is about creating the optimum analytical framework to make strategic decisions.

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