Rick Pay
Architect of Operations and Supply Chain Strategy, The R.Pay Company

As Principal of The R. PAY COMPANY, Rick Pay helps manufacturers, distributors, retail and service companies dramatically improve their gross margins and cash flow through peak operational and supply chain performance.

Rick has a proven track record of achieving results quickly and implementing sustainable solutions for growth and profitability. In addition to his consulting work, he appears regularly as a speaker, is a frequent contributor to magazines, and publishes his insights into operations and supply chain management on his blog, Operations Payoff.

Rick draws on over 20 years of experience to produce breakthrough results in operations, supply chain strategy, materials and inventory management and business improvement. He holds a BS in business administration from Colorado State University and an MBA from the University of Montana.

Based in Portland, Oregon, Rick serves clients throughout the United States and his work has taken him as far afield as China. He enjoys traveling with his family and is an avid fly fisherman.

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