How Do Consultants Charge for Their Services?

Bringing a financial consultant on board can be exciting for your company. It can lead to major payoffs, from acquisitions to new funding sources to increased efficiency to smoother financial processes – all of which can fuel growth. But it’s crucial that you are equally aware of the costs. Don’t be caught off guard when the bill arrives; before hiring a consultant, know how—and how much—they charge for their services.

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How Any Business – Small to Large – Can Develop A Sound Financial Plan

Developing your financial plan from your strategic vision is a critical step in moving toward your dream.

Financial plans can be as rudimentary or as complex as you desire, but no one gets too far without some form of plan. A sound financial plan is vital for any size of business – from small startups to large corporations. It’s like a compelling novel, telling the story about your company, where you have been and where you expect to go.

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Don’t Fall Into the Turnover Trap – Do This Instead

Information demands on accounting and finance departments have grown exponentially over the past decade. It is no longer good enough to close the books a few weeks after month-end. Today, the critical work in finance and accounting is done after the financial statements are prepared. An inability to keep up with these new demands can put professionals out of work and companies out of business.

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