Information Technology: New Technology

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In addition to knowing the language of finance, communicating in the commercial language of our company’s, CFO’s now must to become conversant in a third business language, technology. Technological change is happening at the speed of light, requiring the commitment of talent, time and money… and personal training… to successfully capture our share of the potential benefits. Use this course to select your direction on what could turn out to be the most important journey of your career. Two experts in digital transformation, Peter Chisambara and Dave Sackett, were instrumental in developing the learning content for this course.


The articles for each course are rich in different perspectives. Contributors are experts in this area. Write down at least 2 critical points from each article and use them to build robust discussions with your Member-Scholar peers at CFO.University.


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Recommended Reading

Below is a list of books, periodicals, journals that we suggest you explore to gain an even richer experience from your CFO.University community.