Does It Really Pay to Give it Away?

Someone asked the other day, Why does CFO.University make so much valuable content available for free?

There are a few reasons why we do this.

First, we have a deep-rooted belief that our profession has the capability to improve many of the economies we live and work in, including our households, our communities, our businesses, our countries and, even, on a global scale. “Sharing a needles eye portion of our financial knowledge with family, friends, colleagues and politicians will have huge benefits to our economies and the livelihood of our heirs.” From Finance: The Foundation of All Economies We may share a bit more than a needles eye but we want our example to be a powerful and impactful one.

Second, we believe our learning content and value proposition to the business community, especially finance leaders, is unique and should be shared as broadly as possible. Our convenient, practical, performance-enhancing and economic development model delivers what undergraduate and graduate programs lack - practical development opportunities that will have an immediate impact on performance. More on that in Why CFO.University

Third, by sharing freely we attract global leaders whose lessons also improve businesses and economies worldwide. Our Contributors receive a great platform to teach from while we share their wonderful content with the world’s top tier finance community. It’s a win-win and makes CFO.University a magnet for the most important thought leadership taking place in finance today. Here is proof: Our Contributors

The fourth point is simple. We like being liked. So, we share valuable content that can change the trajectory of your career; much of it for free with the rest of it hardly putting a dent in your wallet. That is very likable to us. Being liked certainly improves collaboration. In addition to being liked there is another key required for meaningful collaboration that is explained in The Key to Collaboration is….

Does It Really Pay to Give it Away?

Fifth, we believe an abundance mindset moves the needle in a positive direction for all of us. (read more about An Abundance Mindset below.) We share. You share. We are all better off. Andy Burrows and Steve Rosvold discuss an abundance mindset in this CFO Talk: The Future of Finance: Mindset and Collaboration

1-5 aside, to continue delivering exceptional value to the global community we must be sustainable. So, charging a few nickels and dimes here and there keeps the innovation engine running and our development community thriving. We even use our own tools to remain sustainable…such as our Simple Price, Gross Margin and Unit Variance Analysis

An Abundance Mindset

Stephan Covey may not have been addressing the specific question in the Title above, but his teaching strongly supports it. In his book, The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, he explains the abundance mindset as one of 3 essential character traits under Habit # 4, Win/Win. Covey taught that an abundance mindset is a way of thinking in which a person (and even organizations) believes there are enough resources and successes to share with others.

The benefits that accrue from this mindset are broad and include1:

  1. You begin to understand the world is becoming more abundant.
  2. You don’t resent missed opportunities.
  3. You don’t fear the future.
  4. You become a giver.
  5. You become happy for others.

And more…

Our Challenge

In a world where the scarcity mindset is trying to elbow its way into our psyche, fight that trend with an abundance mindset. You will benefit and so will your friends, colleagues, customers and your other personal and professional stakeholders.

What ways can you apply an abundance mindset to better your business while bettering your stakeholders?

1 11 Benefits of Having An Abundance Mindset

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