CFO Talk: The Future of Finance: Mindset and Collaboration

Andy and Steve tackle two opportunities in this CFO Talk:

1) Hiring mindset vs experience and

2) What the key is for successful collaboration

Andy gives advice to hiring managers on the opportunity they are missing by focusing on experience rather than mindset. He defines these 3 traits as keys in what hiring managers should be interviewing for:

  1. Hunger to learn,
  2. Curiosity - what makes the business tick,
  3. Burning desire to help the business

Here is the piece that inspired Andy’s hiring mindset, Finance Transformation Without New Software or Shared Services

Steve describes the key to creating successful collaboration as alignment. He shares a number of examples of what alignment is (and what it isn’t) and how the concept of alignment has contributed to fruitful alliances throughout his career. Read the full article here: The Key to Collaboration is…

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