The Building Blocks of a Sound Budget Start at the Top

A successful budget is built on accurate data, but few numbers are so important—and so difficult to get right—as projected revenue. Growing revenue powers income growth which is what fuels future business expansion.

Complicating things further, “revenue” is a word that represents many moving parts. How do you keep track of them all? How do you make your projection as accurate as it can be?

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Process Mapping - A Great Technique to Streamline Admin Operations

Businesses often get tied up in hidden red tape. Staff members develop habits and create processes that over time cause delays and increase costs. Sometimes these unnecessary steps are an unforeseen result of company policy. They may be a holdover from a previous ownership. They could be the result of an imperfect amalgamation of companies, where managers adhere to old procedures while imposing the new. All these process kinks accumulate over time, creating inefficiencies that add nothing to customer value.

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How to Make Your Business Attractive to a Buyer

Are you ready to sell?

Business owners must have their affairs in order to attract a potential buyer. The combination of our recent economic recovery and the long-term investor portfolio shift to business acquisitions puts the owners of well run businesses in a good position to earn a premium over previous historical trends for selling businesses.

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How Do Consultants Charge for Their Services?

Bringing a financial consultant on board can be exciting for your company. It can lead to major payoffs, from acquisitions to new funding sources to increased efficiency to smoother financial processes – all of which can fuel growth. But it’s crucial that you are equally aware of the costs. Don’t be caught off guard when the bill arrives; before hiring a consultant, know how—and how much—they charge for their services.

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