Overcoming the Challenges CFOs are Facing Today

Lynne Sampson, caught my attention in an article she published earlier this year, Top Challenges for CFOs in 2024*. In the article she lists the top 10 challenges currently facing CFOs.

It’s a good list. There is also an excellent chance you are tackling one or more of these challenges head on today.

With that in mind, below are resources to help you overcome any of the 10 challenges you are facing today. Share this liberally with your team to get over these hurdles faster and grow their capabilities. A Win-Win!

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Addressing Resistance to Change… Even Better than Ted Lasso

I’m not ashamed to admit that I’m a huge Ted Lasso fan. Humanity. Kindness. Hope. Humor. It’s what life is all about. Add to that the occasional wisdom that’s dispensed, and it’s always an hour well-spent. Take the episode when Ted and the coaching team introduced an audacious new strategy that was met with skepticism from the players. When they voiced their concerns, Ted’s response was, “Hush your butts.” Normally, I only misunderstand the characters speaking with an English accent. In this case, however, I misinterpreted even American English as I heard, “Hush your buts.” I thought that Ted – in his quirky way – was encouraging the team to suspend judgement, set aside reservations, and step out of their comfort zone.

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Why CFO.University

The language of accounting and finance is the native language of business. In many ways our language is also the language for all economies, including; nations, states, corporations and households. It is the recognition of how critical our profession is to all our economies that inspired the Why behind CFO.University.

The senior financial role is defined differently at each individual company. Some include oversight of the human resource department, some the information technology team, others are in charge of legal, some responsible for all administrative functions.

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The CFO as the CPO

The CFO has been labeled with many new monikers over the past decade – Chief Value Officer, Chief Future Officer, Chief Transformation Officer, Chief Fact Officer, Chief Innovation Officer and the list goes on.

Today, we are adding another one. The CPO. The Cash Protection Officer.

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Democratizing Soft Skills Development – One Prompt at a Time

You don’t have to look far to find an article or warning about the half-life of the workforce’s current capacity and the urgent need to upskill, re-skill, and pre-skill workers to future-proof both their careers and their organizations. It seemed like hyperbole when just a couple of years ago, the World Economic Forum predicted that half of all employees will need reskilling by 2025. But, given the pace and unpredictability of change, this is quickly becoming our reality. And this reality is not lost on employees. Gallup research finds that 48% of American workers indicate they would switch to a new job if it offered skills training opportunities.

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