Susan Goldberg
Leadership Consultant, Susan Goldberg Leadership

With over 25 years of experience in executive search consulting, I have researched and studied behavior around developing and retaining talent within an organization. My work with young leaders enables a company to maximize the abilities of every employee - and build stronger relationships between seasoned staff, new talent and the company. Ultimately, my expertise in building stronger bonds results in a better return on talent that impacts current and future P&L.

I’ve been hiring and coaching young senior professionals and those who hire them since the 1990’s. I understand how difficult it is today to keep this talent at an organization for the long term. I am aware that as of 2020, those born in the Millennial years (1981-1996) will be the largest percentage of the workforce (49%). You need their voice in order to stay relevant and profitable.

Having worked with today’s emerging leaders, I understand they want more than diverse incentives and flexible workstyles to stay committed to an organization. They want an environment that embraces their unique insight and expertise, inspires, motivates and offers career options combined with learning opportunities. I work with companies/teams/departments to create this engagement and community environment in which these talented professionals can not only thrive but want to remain and contribute to the success of the organization for the long-term.

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