Peter Chisambara
Finance/EPM Specialist at ERPM Insights

Peter is an Enterprise Performance Management specialist and the founder of ERPM Insights. He works with small and medium-sized enterprises assisting them implement strategy more effectively, measure, monitor and improve strategic/enterprise performance.

Peter supports business leaders and functional teams by helping them understand the strategic direction of the company, developing & implementing key metrics, analyzing business performance and providing informed recommendations derived from data insights.

He has a deep understanding of major business performance drivers to draw meaningful insights and support decision making through analytics, presenting past and projected financial implications.

He is passionate about the integration of strategy, risk and performance functions of the organization and ensure all work together towards common objectives, resulting in effective decision-making and improved business performance.

Peter’s key areas of expertise are strategy management, budgeting & forecasting, cost & profitability management, reporting & analytics, and enterprise risk management.

Peter graduated from Sheffield Hallam University (UK). He is also an Associate Member of the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (CIMA).

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