Andrea Jones
Andrea Jones Consulting

“AJC aligns strategy to execution to help companies increase revenue. We utilize good process in accomplishing this goal, and inspire you to disrupt your industry! Clients range from start-ups to established firms to companies preparing for transition. Favorite word in the English language? “DONE.“

Three Phase 12-Week “SAE” Process: 1. Strategy - 4 Weeks: Data Analysis, Articulate Strategy, Define Execution Initiatives, Metrics, Owners 2. Align - 4 Weeks: Create Implementation Plans with Accountable Teams for Alignment 3. Execute- 4 Weeks: Begin Execution to plan with Teams, regular accountability, and guided transition to internal owners” (Optional: 3-6 Months of ongoing Project Management Support)

Tools Used: Operational, Financial, Organizational Health Data Review, Strategy Deployment Matrix, Prioritization Matrix, Implementation Plans, Standard Meeting Agendas, Meeting Minutes, Decision Logs, Action Trackers, Parking Lot Lists

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