Research Report: The Impact of Data and Analytics on Business and Finance

Steve and Prasanth answer the following questions on their research report from Suresh Chakravarthi:

2: 40 Given that we have so many definitions of Data Analytics, what is your definition of Data Analytics

4:05 Is Finance 5-10 years behind in using data and analytics as some experts suggest?

6:50 Is there a Data Life cycle, and if so what are its implications?

10:38 Your research covered common Key Performance Indicators used by businesses. What are the key KPIs relevant to Finance leaders?

15:23 To be a success in data and analytics it is mandatory to have Data quality. What advice would you give to ensure that one starts this journey with good data?

18:46 Once data and analytics leads to insights how successful are companies at using that insight to improve their business.

22:05 How are companies doing at integrating Predictive and Prescriptive analytics?

25:00 With the investments growing in Environmental and Social areas how will data analytics contribute to corporate ESG initiatives?

29:15 Experience is demonstrating that Data and Analytics initiatives have a shelf life. What approach should companies take to instill a decision making culture based on data?

32:15 Overall, what are the opportunities in Data Analytics?

36:28 Where does data analytics fit in the future of the CFO and finance?

40:25 While deriving good insights is a big challenge, adopting those insights is a bigger challenge. In this backdrop, what strategies can companies adopt to derive business results from insights?

58:40 Course Description: Finance Data Analytics for Business Results

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