CFO TALK -  The CFO’s Role in Talent Management with Solange Charas

Solange Charas is leading the charge in the quickly growing space of talent measurement.

She recently published book, Humanizing Human Capital: Invest in Your People for Optimal Business Returns, which describes how data based decision making can augment current HR practices to improve the bottom line.

In this CFO Talk we cover:

1. Why human capital measurement is a front burner topic for business leaders today.

2. Solange’s research on human capital analytics for the Conference Board in her role Distinguished Principal Research Fellow. One of her key findings; companies that invest in human capital analytics have talent returns up to 3X greater than those who don’t!

3. On how CFOs and finance leaders can use human capital analytics to drive value in their organizations.

4. On why a tight relationship between the CFO and CHRO is more important today than it has ever been.

5. How to make the connection between what’s going on in the human capital area, or the talent area, and how that impacts corporate financial performance.

6. How the growing demand by regulatory and other bodies requiring more disclosure on human capital management is adding to the burden of CFOs. And, thankfully, some solutions to this expanding need.

7. On capitalizing, rather than simply expensing, human capital expenditures on financial statements.

8 The top challenges business leaders face in getting their arms around talent measurement as a critical measurement tool and value creator.

9 On why data analytics is more about understanding the workforce, unlike what many opponents of using data analytics argue, that it has dehumanizes effect on the work environment.

10. Solange highlights some of the key human capital metrics to help you get started.

11. Employee turnover and its hidden costs.

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