CFO Talk:  Reflections on Leadership with Victor Ojeleye - Part II (20.58)

In 2022 Victor committed himself to “watching film” to hone his leadership skills. In late February he shared some of his learning in 10 Reflections of a Leader. In this CFO Talk, Victor describes each reflection in more detail.

This is Part II of a II part series and includes Victor’s reflections 6-10 and the number 1 Reflection of a Leader

Part I of the series included reflections 2-5:

2. Invest the time in individual growth that adds to team success

3. You will miss some interdependencies in complex work - plan for them next time

4. Raise intensity with clarity to drive accountability

5. The team goes as I go: high energy -> high engagement

6. Give your team opportunities to rise to the occasion

7. Celebrate the victories, even when you might be focused on what needs to be fixed

8. Be a better listener

9. Know your boundaries and honor them fully

10. Your team needs you to be their champion

1. Lead with your heart

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