The Sweeping Change in Finance

The environment we find ourselves in today validates how important it is that we continue to accelerate the adoption of the trends noted in this article. Some of our businesses won’t survive unless we do. Learn where your CFO suite fits into these trends and what you can do to accelerate them.

Decision support is moving finance beyond the traditional governance model.

There are big changes afoot in finance. Accounting, Finance and Treasury departments are moving forward by creating value for the businesses they serve. Technology, better developed models, broader training and the eclectic nature of today’s finance professionals have put this movement into full gear.

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Are Your Metrics Crippling You?

Enjoy this series of shorts on Metrics from Jim.

Well-crafted metrics are a powerful driver of performance. Done even pretty well, they can provide a miraculous mix of recognition, motivation, and results. Done wrong, they damage motivation, drown direction in confusion, and dissolve the resolve that produces great organization results.

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How do forecasts differ from budgets?

People who are highly sensitive to the lack of flexibility of traditional budgeting often see rolling forecasts as the answer. If we update our view of the future more frequently and don’t confine it to the financial year it is obvious that this will be more useful than traditional annual budgets based on the financial year.

So, you might think, forecasts are like budgets but done more frequently – right?

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Is Your Banker Jet Fuel for Growth?

Enjoy this series of shorts on Cash and Bankers from Jim.

When the wind is blowing 30 miles per hour, windsurfers don’t stay home; they bring smaller boards and sails so that they can sail. That’s risk mitigation at its simplest. It’s easier to mitigate risk when someone else has figured it out. When they haven’t, the prize goes to those who can venture boldly and mitigate their risk at the same time.

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