Below is a list of resources to help you feel confident navigating in the current climate.

The CFO’s Role in Times of Crisis

Companies find themselves in “crisis” more often than we like to admit. Some crises are specific to our company. Some are specific to our industry. Others to the geography we operate in. And, some, like the pandemic we are currently experiencing, are global in nature. It doesn’t matter how specific or how broad the crisis, I believe CFOs have a critical role in navigating their company through the rough waters caused by the disruption.

Facing Business Challenges? Recover In 3 Steps!

Whether you’re a new entrepreneur or the leader of a Fortune 500 company, doing business today presents universal business challenges. Managing the complications globalization, increasing regulation, new technology, a fast-moving economy and now a pandemic all require precision and expertise.

Why Every Business Should Build Weekly Cash Flow Forecasts

When most finance professionals hear the term “13 week cash forecast,” they view it as a burden—one more task to appease an overbearing lender. Most finance professionals do not get nearly as excited about building it as they do about building a projection model for an acquisition or investment.

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Risk Management for CFOs - Part I of II

What does it take to create a strong governance and internal control environment? This 2 Part series discusses Risk Management and The 3 Pillars of Prevention.

Always Be Prepared: Your Business Needs A Sensitivity Analysis – Now

The worst time to start planning for a crisis is when one is actually happening. A little foresight can mitigate the damage caused by economic turbulence, especially if companies use the right analytical tools. One such tool is a sensitivity analysis , also called a “what if” analysis.

What the Board Expects from a Chief Financial Officer

Interactions with the Board of Directors can be intimidating for a first time CFO, or even an experienced CFO being introduced to a new Board. To help navigate the critical relationship between the CFO and their Board we interviewed four seasoned public company directors and received a treasure trove of information.

15 Questions About Remote Work, Answered

The coronavirus pandemic is expected to fundamentally change the way many organizations operate for the foreseeable future. As governments and businesses around the world tell those with symptoms to self-quarantine and everyone else to practice social distancing, remote work is our new reality.