Transaction Recording II:  Intermediate Recording

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This course offers extended training and process tools to improve the recording process. The focus is on timely, efficient and innovative operations. CFO.University recognizes information as an asset that decays in value over time and processes we put in place at our businesses must adhere to this reality for long term success.


The articles for each course are rich in different perspectives. Contributors are experts in this area. Write down at least 2 critical points from each article and use them to build robust discussions with your Member-Scholar peers at CFO.University.


Our tools have been designed to shine a bright light on areas that are important to Chief Financial Officers. They are simple and straightforward to use. If you don’t learn something important about your business from our tools let us know and we’ll make them better. If you have CFO-Centric tools that are simple and insightful, send them to us. We’ll share them with your CFO.University community while giving you credit. We can’t guarantee entry into the Hall of Fame but be assured you’ll be deeply appreciated.