Phil Thorne
MD, North America

At Quorso, we passionately believe better Management is at the heart of better Business Performance. As part of the Founding Team, I lead both Operations & Finance and am also currently focused on bringing value to our Retail and Restaurant clients in the US. Our product allows business leaders to power Management by setting direction, mobilizing actions, engaging teams and learning from results all in a single tool. It’s not just about better business performance, but also more engaged teams, which led to us being named one of the top 50 global start ups in retail in 2020.

Quorso works with a variety of different Management Information sources including, POS, WFM, Task Management, Procurement and is best suited to multi-site businesses.

Areas of Expertise
+ Management Efficiency & Effectiveness
+ Business Operations
+ Corporate Finance
+ Financial Planning
+ Capital raising
+ Entrepreneurship

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