Hiten Keshave
CFO, PRP Solutions

Hiten has a modern approach to empowering individuals through mentorship and hands-on assistance. He is a disruptive leaders who takes prides in the success of those under his leadership.

He uses innovative thinking, practical and theoretical knowledge to bring new ideas or assist those in business facing challenges - moving them to sustainable growth levels.

He has a passion for using modern technology to enhance business operations, both internally and for his clients.

Hiten’s passion for Bottom Up and Mindshift Leadership (and implementation of) distinguishes him from the ordinary charted accountant. His knowledge, guidance, mentoring and training to businesses and individuals resonates in success stories under his leadership. Having gone through a journey of success and defeat without access to a mentor, Hiten believes the ultimate purpose in life is to uplift others, and has set forth on a journey to assist aspiring individuals looking to progress in their careers, business and their personal lives.

For more information about Hiten, you can visit his website at www.theunconventionalca.org

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