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Senior Director of Marketing and Product at Xenium HR

Brandon is the Senior Director of Marketing and Product at Xenium HR. He joined the team in October 2008. During his first seven years with Xenium, he held the positions of Operations Administrator, Sales & Marketing Coordinator, Senior Marketing Specialist & Business Analyst, Marketing Manager, and Senior Marketing Manager.

Taking on the role of Director of Marketing in July 2015 (adding Director of Product in 2020) Brandon spearheads all marketing efforts with a focus on lead generation, contributing to new business growth. Brandon oversees all outbound marketing campaigns, product marketing efforts, the digital marketing strategy (e.g. podcasting, video, website management & SEO, blogging, content creation, social media, pay-per-click advertising), events management, sponsorships, and public relations. Brandon is heavily involved in other company initiatives as well. He has contributed to the Xenium Culture Integration & Team Enhancement (XCITE) committee for six years and has sat on the Stoller Group wellness committee for three years.

Brandon graduated from Western Oregon University with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Management in 2008.

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