Bryan Ducharme
Co-Founder of Venture 7 Advisors

A career in small business ownership and big business consulting has given me unique perspectives on launching, acquiring, growing and exiting businesses. I’ve advised scores of companies from technology start-ups to global powerhouses, in diverse industries including industrial and consumer product manufacturing, healthcare, professional services, pharmaceuticals, and information technology.

One of the things I’ve learned is how hard it is for small business owners to find experienced, big-picture advice. There are many specialists (e.g. consultants, lawyers, accountants) who play important roles, but advisors who truly understand the whole business ownership experience are rare.

Venture 7 Advisors is my seventh venture (hence the name). My partners and I created Venture 7 so we could help other business owners build and exit their companies with confidence. At this point in our careers, it’s not just “what we do”, it’s who we are.

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