Technology for the Remote Workplace Part II – Security

This is Part II of a three part series of articles designed for finance leaders permanently implementing work from home or remote workplace options for their teams. NPI Technology Management, a company that specializes in delivering the best fit information technology for their clients, prepared these articles that cover key technology challenges leaders are facing when implementing a remote work environment; Systems, Security and Collaboration Tools.

Replacing what’s lost when you leave the office firewall.

Home computers have anti-virus protection — but the typical office firewall does a lot more. Three possible responses:

1. If you’re using a virtual private network (VPN), force user web traffic through the office firewall.There is no cost if users are already using a VPN and your office has adequate Internet bandwidth.

2. Add two-factor authentication (Duo, Microsoft MFA, etc.). As you add more users to your remote access systems, your security risk increases, especially if users need only a username and password to log onto your system. Two-factor authentication is a proven, inexpensive solution.

3. Add Cloud-based filtering. This directs all browsing, downloading, and other Internet traffic through Cloud services for comprehensive security. Cloud-based filtering is quick to set up, and generally involves a reasonable per-user monthly cost.

  • Download testing. When a file arrives via download or email, a Cloud service executes the attachment in a protected “sandbox” environment, and only passes it to users if it is safe.
  • URL filtering blocks access to known infected and dangerous sites.
  • Intrusion Prevention System (IPS). IPS looks more deeply into packets of information being transmitted to users over the Internet. Is this legitimate web traffic? Does it execute a known exploit?
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