CFO Talk: Improving the Bottom Line - Part II

​In this 2 part series, CFO.University Contributor and supply chain expert Dileep Kulkarni shares idea on how CFOs can improve the bottom line at their companies through two cost improvement ideas.

Part 1 covers finding savings with you supply chain.

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Part 2 teaches about the often overlooked area of tail spend.

Part 2: Tail Spend – A simple, but often overlooked method to uncover supply chain savings.

Organizations strategically manage 80% of their spending that frequently fall with roughly 20% of their suppliers. The other 20% of spending falls in tail spend category. Frequently this area is overlooked and have potential savings in the range of 10-40%. Dileep addresses how to tackle tail spend, common expense categories that make it up and same case studies to help you visualize the potential for tail spend savings at your company.

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