Career Management IV: Networks

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As a finance professional, you are always linked to other people and other people hold the key to promotions, development opportunities, support, introductions, knowledge and all sorts of career “lubricants” to move your career forward more efficiently.

As the world of work continues to evolve, it is evident that your reputation will be one of the key levers to your career achievement.

63.2 % of the accounting and finance community surveyed by The Outperformer in Australia highlighted that they do not have a well-developed professional network that provides effective support to the achievement of career goals. The underlying concerns towards building an effective network all revolve around time (perceived lack of time) and lack of knowledge.

In a career field that has traditionally involved limited network development until it is forced, many accountants do not have the range of contacts in their network to open new career doors, challenge their ideas, or support their professional development beyond their current place of employment.

This lack of network becomes particularly problematic during stages of change or career pressure such as redundancy or restructure.

Unfortunately, breaking the cycle to build new relationships, work with mentors and focus on personal development is often put in the “too hard” basket.

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