Career Management III: Influence

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From a career management point of view, influence is one of the broadest areas and ties into almost all aspects of the career of an accounting and finance professional. Not only is influence a key leadership behavior, but it relates to the way we interact with all others in our business, team and broader network.

The concept of influence is broken into two key categories:

External Influence – Conveying a message to others that are impactful on our career both verbally, in the written form, in a public arena and in the actions and decisions we make. This defines our professional brand.

Internal Influence – Harnessing resilience and mental toughness across a career journey, to bounce back and navigate through challenging times, and to be prepared to act in a way that relates to you achieving and fulfilling the career that you want and deserve.

At The Outperformer, we work with our clients on all components of influence related to both personal and team performance. In this course, we will address some concepts that will be valuable in your journey to the CFO and a senior finance leadership career.

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