Career Management II: High Performance

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From the Clarity course, you would have started to become comfortable with the concept that every CFO function is different as a result of the leadership group, nature of business, ownership structure, size and other features. This ties directly into a very important career management theme; High Performance.

This component of strategic career management acknowledges two key truths:

1. Careers are shaped by other people who open up opportunities and measure your performance. The likelihood of endorsement and support of others is related to their view of your “performance”.

2. Performance is subjective - measured by the eyes of those you serve and relative to the goals they are trying to achieve, challenges they are trying to overcome and cognitive biases or beliefs they have.

At the time you are able to understand the audience you serve and how performance or value is translated, the implementation of this value creates improved career conversations, trust and support from these people.

Givers, Matchers, Takers

Relating Performance to Clarity

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