Olga Rudakova, FCCA
Finance professional | Data skills trainer | Dashboard design consultant | ex-Mars, ex-Tesco

Olga is a finance professional and data skills trainer. Olga is passionate about data insights and data visualization. With over a decade of corporate career in FMCG and Retail she was supporting various business units towards data-driven decision making. At the Business Intelligence startup Olga has learned, what the biggest obstacles on the way to insights-driven organization are.

Currently, as a full-time trainer and consultant she helps her clients bridge the gap between data and actionable insights.

Through her workshops, Olga can help your team with a shift of their collective mindset to embrace data!

From just showing the data to visual storytelling! (workshop “Storytelling with Business Data”)
From an intuition-based to data-driven decision making (workshop “Data-driven Decision Making)
From static reports to dynamic actionable dashboards (workshop “Storytelling in Dashboards”)
These and more workshop descriptions at olgarudakova.com

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