Haroldo Monteiro
Finance Director, REIT

Haroldo Monteiro leads business strategy for big retail companies in Brazil for more than 30 years. When working in this sector, he developed the skills of a good communicator and negotiator. These two skills have strong relevance for a CFO to increase his capacity of talking in other executive´s language resulting in a better alignment of a financial strategy with the company´s core strategy.

He has expertise in developing of structured finance operations through the issuance of CRI (Real State Receivables Certificate) and Debentures. Evaluation of corporate financing needs for investment purposes, working capital, changes in capital structuring, and restructuring of company´s debt.

Haroldo holds an MBA Degree in Business Administration at Ohio University and a Ph.D. at Rennes School of Business in France. His thesis addresses the topic of the importance of a CFO’s soft skills and the company’s performance. Besides, he has an interest in researching CFO’s leadership skills and their influence on financial management performance.

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