Aliyyah Abdullah, CPABC
Finance Business Partner | Writer | Geek

I draw on 15 years of work experience and an umbrella of skills to solve problems within finance and accounting. This experience includes effective communication, managing cross-functional teams, board reporting, budgeting and forecasting, scenario planning, risk analysis, technical accounting, and process improvement. I have enjoyed working within small and medium-sized entities for most of my career, which has given me a more significant impact on leading and contributed to my entrepreneurial personality.

My career has also involved being outsourced at a listed fortune 500 company and working within the public sector. While enriching, this journey provides a backdrop for being unique, flexible, and contributing different perspectives.

In 2020, I decided to get serious about professional writing, so I write in my spare time. In 2021, I wrote an academic paper to help junior finance professionals improve their influence, and this was nominated for a Rubery Award in 2022.

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