The Balanced Digest Survey Results – August 2018

Thanks to those subscribers of The Balanced Digest who participated in our survey two weeks ago. Here is a recap of the results and how we plan to use your feedback to improve your experience using The Balanced Digest:

The Balanced Digest Survey Results – August 2018

We are encouraged that most subscribers rate The Balanced Digest as Fairly, Mostly or Very Valuable, Important and Fun to Read. But we also realize we can make improvements to all three areas. One of the most effective ways we can do that is to get specific feedback from our subscribers on how we can do better. We would love to hear from you.

94% of respondents indicated they would recommend The Balanced Digest to other colleagues. We feel good about this but are also curious why 6% do not find the TBD compelling enough to share. Our goal with The Balanced Digest is to provide executive level topics that assist in the professional development of executives who specialize in accounting, finance and treasury.

We were delighted that nearly 20% of respondents have an interest in contributing their knowledge to improve our CFO.University community. We are following up to bring a wider array of CFO-Centric learning to our community.

About 35% of respondents to the survey are Member-Scholars at CFO.University. We would love to hear from financial executives who aren’t Member-Scholars on what you are doing in terms of professional development. We believe CFO.University is a very strong option that not only provides professional growth but development in a way that can be specifically applied to your current job – Getting better results for your company while expanding your skill set.

The responses to “Anything else we should know?” were all very positive. It is gratifying to hear that we are headed in the right direction. There is a downside to only getting positive comments. To make sure we keep improving your experience we also need to hear what we aren’t doing so well.

Here is a sample of the comments we received:

  • Excellent initiative!
  • I fully encourage such initiatives as they truly contribute to professionalism!
  • Continue submitting good articles and information
  • Keep up the good work! Many helpful topics for our small business.
  • You’re doing good work - keep it up!!!
  • Great job.
  • I value receiving your newsletter.

Thank you for the time you invested in the survey to help us get better! In the long run we believe you will reap the benefits too.

See you around CFO.University.


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