What Tools and Resources Does Your Company Provide for Everyday Learning?

We recently polled our membership regarding professional development in a post Covid environment. Among other questions included in a Survey of accounting and finance leaders titled, How to ride the biggest learning curve of a generation!” was:

“What resources are being made available or not being made available by your company regarding your Professional Development?”

Below is the list of responses you can use as benchmarks for your company’s professional development program:

Key tools & resources companies are making available for professional development:

What Tools and Resources Does Your Company Provide for Everyday Learning?
  • Time, computer access, backing
  • A list of inexpensive and even free Courses the company will pay for and allow me work time to take.
  • Study material, monthly meetings and seminars
  • Pay the tuition/fees for CFO.University courses/tools (CFO.University footnote: We especially enjoy this one)
  • Paid time, or flexible working hours to attend courses and training.
  • My company provides Instructor led training, online reading materials, refund of fees paid for professional studies.
  • LinkedIn Learning, Udemy, Regular 2nd Saturday training programmes within company
  • Articles, association programs
  • Magazines
  • Presentations and books/toolkits posted on the company shared network.
  • Webinars
  • ERP and MS suite
  • Lunch and learns
  • Online materials.
  • Mobile teleconference, cloud databases and libraries
  • Web
  • Whatever you find - we will pay for
  • Free internet access at work
  • Free internet subscription at home if working remotely
  • LinkedIn Learning subscription
  • Internet, paid leave
  • We actually created a Lead University for our clinical staff. My Business Office staff we provide the education paid time off and reimburse for classes and tests up to $2,500. We also will subscribe to any publications that apply to the persons position.
  • Management, leadership
  • Intranet, compliance and risk management library available online
  • Seminars and Coaches
  • Online course / teaching material, Short video clips for essential trainings, Lectures from experts in
  • None actually, company uses conventional tools for working, only the basics
  • Links to websites
  • None other than what I source
  • Management corporate office guidance
  • Availability to the latest news in regulations, trends and good practices in the field, the IT devices and programs etc.
  • Online course, seminars and webinars
  • Mostly access to our investors which is limited in applicability
  • Subscriptions, CPD and self-study courses
  • A list of online tools and associations we can take courses through (including CFO.University)
  • Mentorship programs within the company. Provide time and resources to prepare a Career development plan
  • Pay for On line, On Demand programs and corporate university
  • Courses, attending seminar

Key tools & resources for professional development missing from what your company offers (* also on the provided list):

What Tools and Resources Does Your Company Provide for Everyday Learning?
  • Strategy of learning
  • Major Training that would cost money
  • Personalized L&D planning and execution *
  • Training opportunities in Tech
  • Coaching for specific roles, paying for association fees, supporting outside learning by being on boards.*
  • An institutional learning platform or subscription for all staff so that each one finds what is suitable for them.
  • Individual staff taking up their development as their own responsibility.
  • Interactive and more tailor made courses
  • Training*
  • Courses*
  • Real training courses*
  • Time to complete
  • Properly functioning systems
  • Time and funding*
  • All of them. There are no tools.
  • More conferences and classes*
  • Enough user access accounts*
  • Subscriptions*
  • Career map
  • No professional journals, no training needs assessment or audit, No Professional Development goals and assessment
  • Paid access to the Library
  • Business / industry environmental studies; strategic thinking
  • Structured professional learning agenda
  • Professional development planning
  • I am not sure yet…
  • Continuous improvement, excel skills, negotiations, 360 degree feedback, team assessment
  • More interactive tools and external training sessions that would also provide employees with professional network*
  • Financial tutoring or paid for courses.
  • Tools for automate recurring and non-strategic processes, that don`t bring valor for company
  • Financial resources
  • Funds Guidance on vision
  • Hire Third party professional training service providers
  • Money to sponsor*
  • The best IT tools and programs in the field, eg. SAP for accounting, publications for the latest regulations etc.
  • Time and not allowed during working days*
  • Accounting development, modeling and software.
  • Professional mentoring*
  • Not really missing as much as I would prefer it if the company ‘pushed’ it out more vs. employees initiating learning
  • Robust learning plan for employees just as we have leave plans but more detailed and clear.
  • Peer industry reaction
  • Sessions within the company and not outside with a planned schedule per each dept for development

Source: CFO.University Poll: How to ride the biggest learning curve of a generation!

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