CFOs and Global Economic Leadership - (01:11)

Terry White 0:00 You know, there’s a lot of things we know, or we do, but we’ve never taken the time to dissect those things. And kind of in your situation, you have the four pieces, and figure out. The accounting one I understand, but I need some help in the finance. Probably the biggest one for CFO type people are the leadership part of it.

Steve Rosvold 0:17 What I’ve tried to do is target the CFOs and probably CFOs of three to five years, but then it’s also their direct reports. That’s who I think can benefit the most by our learning platform. My target is definitely to develop great CFOs, and more than just for companies. I think that we can add so much value to our economies, and economy if you define it as the management of resources, economy is global. It’s national. It’s personal. You know, we can use those same skills that finance people have, to lead in all kinds of different economies.

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