Using the Business Value of IT Calculator

The Business Value of IT Calculator (BVIT) is a very simple and intuitive approach that any executive team can use to understand where the company stands on its utilization of IT. Almost all business functions use IT to some degree. Therefore all functional business executives should have a view of how well IT is serving their needs as well the overall business needs. The BVIT uses a very intuitive survey approach to ask 10 questions of the executive team and aggregates results to get an aggregated composite rating of value from IT.

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Accounting and Finance for Non Accounting and Finance Managers

Share this transcript and the video that goes with it with your non accounting/finance staff to help grow their financial acumen. This will have the impact of turbocharging your team’s engine without adding any cost.

Hi, it’s Steve from CFO.University. Welcome to our brief course ‘Accounting and Finance for non Accounting and Finance Professionals’. Our goal today is to teach you some key points about these professions. With finance being the universal language of business, we believe this is a great professional growth opportunity for you. Enjoy the learning filled journey you are about to embark on.

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Fraud Risk Management

Fraud is all around us, grabbing the headlines every single day. Fraud is a high-impact, low-probability risk with the potential to destroy a firm’s integrity and reputation very quickly. Many firms focus on the low-probability nature of fraud, and consequently fail to employ both resources and structure to address this risk. In our present climate, Fraud risk has been elevated and new types of fraud typology have evolved in concert with both cyber and money laundering.

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